Outsourcing Services

Hello All,

Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!

We are very excited to offer a new line of service to our existing and new clients. Starting new 2022 calendar year we are launching outsourcing services for statutory accountant function.

This idea came up to us a while ago when we saw many councils constantly experienced lack of staff and resources in finance department. Staff turnover and inability to find qualified and experienced finance specialists in local areas can significantly affect annual reporting. In particular, delays in providing statutory reports, increased audit fees, disruption to normal business processes and stress.

We are now offering two types of outsourcing agreements: statutory accounting and statutory accounting with an asset accounting function included.

Having a chartered accountant public practice acting in a statutory accountant role can provide a lot of savings and other benefits to a council, including:

  • Fixed annual fee which provides for stability and transparency for council’s budgeting purposes.

  • The fee is significantly lower compared to the typical employment rate for a specialist with the function of a statutory account.

  • Ensuring business continuity by having an expert public practice chartered accountant backing you up in statutory compliance function.

The agreement was set up by our solicitors and has already been successfully implemented on one of our long-standing clients.

Feel free to contact us to discuss this option if you are interested. The agreement can be customised to each individual council’s needs.

Igor Ivannikov


Vanguard Consulting Group